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Celestine, also known as Celestite, is often associated with divine power and is thought to increase understanding, higher consciousness, as well as mindfulness when used in meditation and prayer.  Associated with the throat, third eye, crown, soul star and stellar gateway Chakras. Physiological connection with the eyes, ears, throat, muscles and cellular structures. 


This high vibration crystal instills a profound sense of peace, in times of stress. It is a teacher of trust in the infinite wisdom of the divine. It can cool fiery emotions with its calming properties. It promotes purity of the heart and attracts good fortune. Excellent healing stone to bring in love and disolve pain. 


It will raise the vibration in any room. Keep out of direct sunlight to prevent fading. 


Ethically sourced in Madagascar 


477 g

Celestine Cluster

SKU: Cele002